I made this short promotional film for LUME- who promote and put on live improvised and experimental music. Go and check out their activities at http://lumemusic.co.uk/

This is a short film of blossom floating across the canal.

Sound and film made during summer 2021.


1st in a series of performance, sound, music and art sharings at shared studio at
SET Lewisham

s10c is myself, mio ebisu & sam andreae

go to https://www.s10c.co.uk/ to find out who the participants are....


This is a short non-text film using images and sounds from a few mornings spent in Limehouse - London in February & March 2021.


Tottenham London from 25th december 2020- 5th january 2021. Using 'The End' by Lennon & McCartney. Film and other music/sound by Hannah Marshall


A short documentary about Selby Food Hub, highlighting community and volunteer response to the extreme situations that people have found themselves in since April 2020 and the national Lockdown caused by Covid - 19.

Please watch, donate and offer help if you can.

feel free to contact ...... at hanky-[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk